2 New Help regions added

We have just added two new regions aimed at helping those new to using OpenSimulator to the Fire and Ice Grid. Both of these regions have an easy click to use teleport options from our welcome region. These two regions have been downloaded in order to quickly add the support…continue reading →

Bakes On Mesh – Testing

The Fire and Ice grid is actively participating in bakes on mesh testing. Currently, a few viewers support bakes on a mesh. There have been issues with BOM (bakes on mesh) viewers when on older versions of OpenSimulator. To help our own testing (and anyone else who wishes to use…continue reading →

The Fire And Ice Grid Opens

A new user-created 3D virtual world powered by OpenSim. A new look, a new you, a new life, a new you! Make life long friends across the world. Chat Privately, publicly or as part of a group using text or voice chat. What will you make, a home, business, park...…continue reading →

Everything is working as expected

We have been running tests for a number of days now. Using avatars from other grids to come in make content, join groups, make friends. Of course, we have been doing this the other way round as well. As part of setting up the grid, we have moved some experiences…continue reading →