Region Restarts For Customers

Region restarts for customers are now available on the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid. Additionally, this is done inworld and on the Fire And Ice website. First, visit our home page, then click on the “Account” link at the top of the page. Here, you will see all the regions Continue Reading

New High-Performance Regions (SIMS)

New High-Performance Regions (SIMS) now available in the Fire And Ice Grid. Fast regions from £8 per month and standard regions from £2. – Buy Your Region Fire And Ice Opensim Grid Launch Performance Regions The Fire and Ice Opensim grid are pleased to announce the launch of our new Continue Reading

Fire & Ice Land Prices – Affordable Prices.

Fire & Ice Land Prices are based purely on the allocation of prims required. As a result, a standard sim (256m*256m) with the same primitive allowance costs the same as 2*2(512*512), 3*3(768*768), 4*4(1024*1024) or even 8*8 (2048*2048). With prices starting at just £2 per month, our prices are low and Continue Reading