Fire And Ice Shoutcast Streams

Announcing Fire And Ice Shoutcast streams. These budget Shoutcast streams available to everyone, not just residents of the Fire And Ice Grid.

A single subscription has five streams available for use simultaneously, and each stream supports up to 100 listeners at a maximum of 128kbps. This means a total possible listener count of 500.

Order now.

The streams come with HTTP (not https) access and a web interface for your stream to remove listeners if required. Delivery will take approximately 24 hours after you place an order. They are private streams and can not be listed on the Shoutcast directory.

Our streams are compatible with all the common Opensim and Second life viewers. Additionally, listeners can use a web browser or any other Shoutcast client. Our streams can be used with either Shoutcast 1 or two client software.

Fire And Ice Shoutcast Streams – Paying for a stream

Payment for the stream is via a PayPal subscription with no minimum term. Meaning you can rent for a single month, cancelling the subscription after you make the first payment. The stream will continue to be available to you until the end of the payment period.

Bulk purchase deals are possible, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Use the contact us form on our main website to start the conversation. Order your new Shoutcast steam here.

Other Fire And Ice Services

Land sales are the main product. Fire And Ice residents enjoy some of the very lowest prices available for land in opensim. We also offer free wiki pages for all our landowners to help them promote their regions, products and services. Sims at the Fire And Ice grid start from just £2 per month. We pride ourselves in offering a very personal service.

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