Creating Mega Prims at The Fire and Ice Grid

Today’s blog is all about creating mega prims at the Fire And Ice Grid. I was recently asked by Wicked Way from the Party Destination Grid for some help. She wanted to bring mega prims from Second Life into her opensimulator grid. My immediate answer what “just create them in opensim”. As it turned out, that wasn’t quite as easy as I had initially assumed it was.

The Problems

There are two key obstacles to making mega prims in Opensim grids. The first is in the OpenSim.ini configuration file. By default, the maximum size for a nonphysical prim is 256m.

NonPhysicalPrimMax = 256 

This can be raised like the example below.

NonPhysicalPrimMax = 4096

The second big issue is the limits imposed by many viewers limit prim size creation to 256m. Since version 6.4.12 this is no longer true in Firestorm. However, earlier versions still limit the prim size in opensim as well as Second Life.

The Solution

The solution then is to increase the size in Simulators OpenSim.ini file and then use a script in the world. The task can be performed with a simple LSL script.  Details of the LSL command can be found on the LSL Wiki. Below is a sample piece of code which can be used.

        float size_X = 500;
        float size_Y = 500;
        float size_Z = 0.5;
        vector size = <size_X, size_X, size_Z>;

To use this script, just make a new prim, create a script inside the prim.

Creating a prim and making a new script
Adding a script to a prim

then copy-paste these values. The example script will make a prim where the X size is 500, Y size is 500 and the Z size is 0.5. To make your own size simple type in the value you want.

Pasting in the script contents
Copy Paste and Save the script
500m long prim
prim size 500*500*0.5

Feature Enabled for all paid regions

Creating Mega Prims at The Fire and Ice Grid is now possible on all our paid for regions. The limit is currently set to 4096m but will be raised on request. We had to choose a limit and currently, our largest landmass is 4096m*4096m.

With the freedom offered by hyper-grid transfers, after enabling this on the Fire and Ice grid, I was able to send Wicked Way the prim she needed for her customer. This kind of co-operation between grid owners is something I wish to increase. I will be blogging more about my ideas for closer co-operation between different grids soon.

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