Free regions for charitable organisations

Free regions for charitable organisations - sample image
Sample of how virtual gatherings might look

The Fire and Ice Grid announce free regions for charitable organisations. Today the Fire and Ice grid hosted a virtual coffee morning on behalf of the York LGBT Forum. Under normal circumstances, The York LGBT Forum hold them in the physical world. Coronavirus restrictions mean that currently, that is not possible.

Social isolation is a genuine risk for a great many people who live alone or have other mental health issues. While using avatars in a virtual world might not be for everyone. It is an excellent way of socialising for many people.

The Fire and Ice grid are offering free regions to charities who wish to start holding virtual meetups. To take advantage of this offer, please use the contact form on our website. We would love to open this up to everyone, but our capacity is limited, so this is a first come first served offer for the first ten charities who approach us.

Help to get setup is available; there are also several introduction videos on our website to help your users get connected. Making accounts on the grid is free; the land will be free; all you will need is to put a little time into setting up your region and letting your users know. This offer will remain open for as long as the current social limitations around the world are in place.

We hope that Free regions for charitable organisations offer will bring a little light to at least a few people. We all need to do our part to help each other. Our offer is the most effective way we can come up with to help as many different communities as we can.  Please all keep yourself safe, follow the advice of governments around the world. Social isolation in the physical world does not have to be anti-social. Whether you use a service like ours, or just the phone, keep talking.

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