Garden And Furniture Ubode Update

Garden And Furniture Ubode Update! - Garden And Furniture is a trendy region at the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid. It features all of these amazing garden sets that are available in rez boxes. Additionally, they are fully updated for regions that use Ubode physics. But, of course, they still…continue reading →

Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons

Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons Introduction Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons for a better experience when using the Firestorm Viewer. Firestorm is, without any doubt, the most popular viewer with Fire And Ice Grid residents. Indeed this is a truth of Opensimulator users generally. Firestorm is also extremely popular in Second Life,…continue reading →

Dance In The Snow – Christmas Party

Dance In The Snow - Christmas Party EventSnow Moon Christmas Party - Dance in the snow with us! Dance In The Snow - Christmas Party on the 23rd December. Join us in the Snow Moon region of the Fire And Ice Grid. Sara, who is also the owner of the…continue reading →