York LGBT Forum Coffee Morning

We are proud to once more be supporting a charity local to our real-world location during these difficult times. The York LGBT Forum supports a multitude of people in the York area and worldwide. The York LGBT Forum Coffee Morning is one of many events they offer their members.

What we have provided

The Fire And Ice grid have provided a free sim and a ready setup building to allow their members to socialise in a virtual world environment. Free help and support are on offer to help people get set up and enjoy the experience.

The facility given to the York LGBT forum is not only available during their specified event. It can be used by their members twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. We hope this little bit of help will help some people feel less isolated during social isolation. Physical distance isolation does not mean social isolation. Keep talking to each other however you choose to do it.

Can we help you?

If you run a charitable organisation the Fire And Ice Grid can and will do the same for as many charities as we have server space to accommodate. Please get in touch, let us help you, help your members. For more detail please see our Free Regions For Charitable Organisations blog post. Or if you prefer simply fill in our contact form. This offer is also open to education institutes hoping to hold ceremonies at the end of the academic year.

Virtual Social Facilities

If you need help, It is out there

With so many people in the world in social isolation right now, mental as well as physical health needs to be a priority. Human beings by our nature are pack animals. If you are suffering please reach out, get the help you need and deserve. There are many local, national and international charities out there who can and will help you. This post ends with a list of just a few.




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