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The customer shared folder is a space every new customer to the Fire And Ice grid gets. When someones join the grid they receive some emails from us as they join. First is the one to confirm their email account. The second is an email with information about the grids social media accounts and similar. Finally, an invite to their shared folder on Google Drive. This one comes from google its self rather than directly from Fire And Ice.

The Customer Shared Folder- Google Drive Shared Folder Email
Google Drive Shared Folder Email

The process is automatic if this is the same email address used to register with Fire And Ice. However, if the email address differs, there is an additional step. Either register the different email address with Fire And Ice, then request access or login to Google with a matching email address. Finally, if you do not have a google account, you will need to make one to access the shared folder. No Google account is required to create an oar and restore one created using our website. It is only necessary to move files in and out of the shared folder.

The Fire And Ice shared folders are also accessible via the main google drive. This is inside the “Shared With Me link” in the left-hand image above for most customers. However, if the Google account is a Google Workspace account, it may show inside the “Shared Drives” link in the right-hand photo above.

Uploading Files To the Shared Folder

With the shared folder open in Google Drive, it is now possible to drag and drop a file from your favourite file manager. Alternatively, the new button offers a different route to upload a file.

Downloading Files From The Shared Folder

Once a file is in the shared folder, it becomes visible and has its own menu available using the right mouse button.

Moving Files In And Out of The Shared Folder

Fire And Ice recommend always taking a copy before moving files between drives. First, upload a file to your own Google Drive account. Secondly, right-click, then select “move to”. Finally, use the left arrow next to “My Drive” before navigating to the shared folder.

This concludes our guide to The Customer Shared Folder at the Fire and Ice grid. Please see the related posts for saving and applying both Oars (region backup files) and IARs(inventory backup files).

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