Region Restarts For Customers

Region restarts for customers are now available on the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid. Additionally, this is done inworld and on the Fire And Ice website.

First, visit our home page, then click on the “Account” link at the top of the page.

Region Restarts For Customers - Home page showing account link
Home page showing account link

Here, you will see all the regions associated with your account on the Fire And Ice Grid. Similar to the image below.

Region Restarts For Customers – Through The Website

Region Restarts For Customers
Regions listing on the account page of the website

Next to each region is a restart button; simply click on the restart button to request a region restart. A confirmation of the request will then be displayed on the website.

Website Restart Confirmation
Website Restart Confirmation

Five minutes after the restart request, notices in the region will begin.

Region restart notice at the fire and ice grid
Times will vary, image for illustration only.

Region Restarts For Customers – Through the viewer

Usually, in Opensimulator, we do not recommend viewer restarts of a region. This is because the method used to restart a region when the viewer performs the task is unreliable. As a workaround at Fire And Ice, a restart done this way actually shuts down the region. Our crash detection and recovery system will then restart the region. Crash detection runs every thirty minutes, so there might be a delay when restarting a region this way.

Fire And Ice Recomendations

Fire And Ice recommend using the method through our website as there is less delay before the region will come back online. However, only one restart a day is available on the website. We suggest no more than one restart every three days unless there is an issue. Fire And Ice operate a multi-level backup system, but one is level will not happen with restarts.

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