Covey Rez Pro Holodeck System

The Covey Rez Pro Holodeck system can be used as a basic Pack and Rez tool. However, it is capable of much more and Full instruction videos are on Manwa Pastorelli’s YouTube Channel

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  • Create Rez Sets (scene switching)
  • Control Items individually
  • Full Inbound And Outbound API
  • Relative and Absolute positioning
  • Nested Rez Systems.
  • Built for OpenSim and designed to be left out permanently without lag
  • Multiple owners on a sim without interference
  • Non Destructive (Uses notecards instead of the description field)
  • No-Copy Items protection

Covey Rez Pro Holodeck – Rez Sets

This system can record and rez sets of items. For example, you might have different sets of furniture for a room. With the Covey Rez Pro system, you can easily and quickly switch between them. Additionally, entire regions are possible with the correct opensim.ini settings.

Covey Rez Pro Holodeck API

There is a full Inbound and outbound A.P.I. which will allow a multitude of other functions such as using it as the rezzing add-on for a vendor.

Relative And Absolute Positioning

There are two rezzing modes, relative and absolute. In relitive mode items will move if the rez box is moved. However in absolute mode items will return to their original position on the sim regardless of the rez boxes position.

Covey Rez Pro Holodeck – Designed For Opensim

Low Lag Design

The systems design is specific to opensim. It makes use of OSSL to reduce the burden on regions and only uses listeners and timers when required.

Script Reset Protection

In opensimulator turning scripts off in the estate tools will cause a script reset when they are enabled again. However, in Second Life, this does not happen. Most rez systems in opensim originate from Second Life and lose positions if the script is reset. However, the Covey Rez Pro will not lose position data or settings after a script reset.

Non Destructive (Uses note cards instead of the description field)

The system is NON-DESTRUCTIVE. Many items use the object description field for their own purposes. Most rez systems either store item positions in the description field or in script memory. Changing this field will break items that use it. The Covey Rez Pro Holodeck writes to notecards instead and avoids the issue entirely.

Video Tutorials

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