Saving And Loading IAR’s at Fire And Ice Grid

Saving And Loading IAR’s at Fire And Ice Grid is now possible through our customer’s website accounts. Firstly, our customers can make personal backups of their inventories and restore them at a later time. Secondly, backup files save to the customers shared folder on the Fire And Ice Grids Google drive. Therefore, the system is private and secure. The folder is accessible only by grid admin and the customer whose folder it is.

Additional benefits to the performance of the website exist. IAR files can be huge; uploading and downloading them could, if un-managed, take up large amounts of the web services resources. Since Google deal with the up and download, only the load and save process impacts our servers.

Restrictions on Saving And Loading IAR’s

Saving and loading files is restricted to one backup every 90 days for each avatar. Sadly saving IAR files is extremely resource-heavy. Many residents have very large inventories which can take days to save. Consequently, the restriction is necessary to maintain system performance.

Customers Shared Folder

Anyone that is not familiar with uploading to and downloading from google drive can find a helpful guide in The Customer Shared Folder – Fire And Ice Grid.

Saving And Loading IAR’s

Start by visiting the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid Website. Firstly log in if you are not logged in automatically. Secondly use the “Account” link to the left of your user name at the top of the browser.

On your account page, there will be a list of all your regions and avatars.

Fire And Ice Website Account Page
Fire And Ice Website Account Page

When the page opens it has three sections, the first for avatar details, the second for saving IAR’s and the third for restoring them. Scroll down past the avatar details.

Click on the avatar name you wish to use (there is one in the image above but there can be multiple).

Saving An IAR File

Save IAR
Save IAR

Saving a full backup of the avatar’s inventory is simple. Firstly click on the “Save IAR button”. Secondly, check at the top of the page for success and error messages. Additionally, More complex options are available to use. Finally, full details of these switches are on the Opensimulator Wiki Inventory Archive page.

If the request is successful a green success bar is seen at the top of the page.

IAR Success Message
IAR Success Message

If the request fails for any reason, a message in a red bar is displayed instead.

Load IAR To Avatar Inventory

Load IAR
Load IAR

Please apply IAR files to your inventory with care. Take heed of the warnings on the page.

Existing Inventories

The suggested method is to, firstly, make a new top-level folder in your inventory called “New-Stuff” or something similar. Then un-check Merge Items and put “New-Stuff” into the Inventory path box. subsequently, all the items loaded will go into that folder. However, BE AWARE the folder name is CASE SENSITIVE. This means “New-Stuff” is different to “new-stuff”, which is different to “New-stuff”. Additionally, avoid the use of folder names with spaces as that is not yet supported.

New Inventories

Leave the merge items checked, and the inventory path box blank. Then click next to the file required and click “Apply To Avatar”. Similarly to saving IAR’s, loading them has a success and fail message at the top of the page.

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