Covey Rez Pro Holodeck System

The Covey Rez Pro Holodeck system can be used as a basic Pack and Rez tool. However, it is capable of much more and Full instruction videos are on Manwa Pastorelli’s YouTube Channel Get Your Copy at Covey Stores on the Fire And Ice Grid Features Create Rez Sets (scene Continue Reading

AV-Sitter2 to PMAC conversion script.

AV-Sitter2 to PMAC conversion script – Introduction The Covey AV-Sitter2 to PMAC conversion script reads AV-Sitter position cards and converts them to PMAC menus. AV-Sitter uses 2 scripts per avatar and another for setting up pose positions. PMAC, written Aine Caoimhe is a single script. AV-Sitter has a few features Continue Reading