Grid Quick Start Guide (Fire And Ice Grid)

Fire And Ice Grid Quick Start Guide
Fire And Ice Grid quick start guide

Grid Quick Start Guide – Stage1

The Fire And Ice Grid Quick Start Guide video begins on our website, pointing to the links required to create an account and set up the viewer. This guide is for people unfamiliar with both opensim and 3D virtual worlds as a whole. Those familiar with other virtual worlds such as Second Life can jump straight to the setting up viewer tutorials. Setting up the viewer gets a quick demonstration as separate guides cover the process more fully.

Following this, it moves onto what happens as you load your avatar in the 3D world for the first time. It then goes on to explain how to accept the group invite and get another if you miss the original. Following the group invite is a demonstration of setting your home position.

The basic movement controls come next. Describing and demonstrating the process of turning and walking around. From that point, we guide you towards our help regions and full versions of the default avatars provided.

You will see a demonstration of how to access the help region. Once there we show you the camera controls help board. Camera control is one of the most useful yet little known skills in OpenSim worlds.

The final board to be demonstrated in the video is changing the viewer’s skin. Viewer skins are largely a personal choice, things like colour and layout change. For our customers who are unfamiliar with OpenSim or Firestorm, we suggest using Firestorm with the Vintage skin. The only reason for this recommendation is that most of the Fire And Ice Grids demonstration videos will use the same setup. Following the videos when your own screen matches the video will make life simpler.

After restarting the viewer in the new skin, teleporting to the previously set home position is demonstrated.

Experienced Opensim users

Users with experience should read our Grid backups and oar files post as it details a backup system which sets us aside from many other grids. Too often the community has witness grids vanishing and users loosing everything. Not with us.

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