Fire And Ice Grid Backups & OAR’s

This post is now out of date and has been superseded here.

For our customer’s security, a backup of the main asset database is taken each day. This is done to a machine held in a totally separate data centre to the one where the main server is. From there, an additional backup to a Gsuite drive is made. This ensures that the main database is constantly held in 3 locations at any one time with the ability to go back a day if required.

Additionally OAR’s (which include all the asset’s) are taken for each region every 7 days. Like the main database, the OAR’s are stored in two locations in different data centres to the main server. Customers can get access to their regions OAR’s on request by filling out the support form on the website. Please note we will only provide an OAR to the named account holder for that region.

IAR’s can also be made on request, however, there is currently no automated way to do this. Creating an IAR currently requires the user account password. It is possible for us to force change the password, create an IAR and then have you reset your password. For this reason, IAR’s will not be routinely provided. Only in special circumstances will this be considered.

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