Upgrade To Globit and Opensim Version

Upgrade To Globit and Opensim at the Fire And Ice Opensim grid. This post talks about the reasons for the upgrade and issues faced upgrading.

Today the Fire and Ice Opensim Grid have completed a grid-wide update to both the version of Globit (0.92 dev-master) we are using and the version of Opensim. While doing some testing with Ubit it came to our attention that the version of Globit the grid was using causing viewer crashes. Anyone using a version of Firestorm prior to 6.4.11 (62412) would crash instantly if they clicked on the Buy Currency button.

The issue had come about due to changes in Opensimulator. There is a Fix in the Firestorm viewer but it is still in testing. Only Firestorm Beta Testers have this version. Compiling the latest code from Globits against the lastest code in then 0.92 dev-master branch of Opensimulator fixes the issue for everyone.

Even with the newly compiled versions of Opensimulator and Globit, there were still issues with buying land. To get this working a couple of extra lines need adding to the Globit.ini file.

GLBNewHTTPFlow = true
GLBNewLandPassFlow = true

Getting the latest Opensimulator code to run required an extra step as well. Not everyone will be affected by this but anyone with custom Grid.ini or GridHypergrid.ini files will be. There have been changes to the connectors in these files. So if you changed anything in this file it will need updating accordingly.

Upgrade To Globit and Opensim Version – Unplaned But Essential

While this upgrade was entirely unplanned, it was also in our opinion entirely essential. The vast majority of our users use the Firestorm Viewer. Many of our users also use Globits. The only reason this problem had not had much more attention is most experienced users know not to buy Globits that way. However new users do not have that knowledge. The buy now is the obvious first place to click to try and buy currency. This update is part of our ongoing commitment to continuously run a recent version of Opensimulator and make the service as stable as possible. The last upgrade was our EEP Upgrade (Opensim 0.92) – Fire And Ice Grid.

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