Free web pages for landowners

Free web pages for landowners - Fire And Ice Grid

The Fire and Ice Grid are offering free web pages for landowners in the form of wiki pages. Powered by MediaWiki (the same system as Wikipedia) the system has a proven track record. The popularity of Wikipedia and other MediaWiki sites means there is a lot of support and guidance available online.  One of the key benefits is the ability to preview your changes before making them. Even then if a mistake is made rollbacks to the previous version are easy to make. Collaboration with others when building combined projects is simplicity using our wiki pages.

Free web pages for landowners – Get us to do it for you

If you do not wish to make a page yourself, we will make a page on our main website to promote your regions. Just provide us with a description of 300 words or more, and either two images or one image and a link to a video file showcasing your region. These pages will remain free for as long as you keep your land subscription.

The free web pages offer also extends to any person/s with free land.  The Fire and Ice grid are still offering a free region and 45k prims to an individual or group who wish to run an active club on the grid.

With low land prices, free webspace and customisable map tiles, we offer an amazing package to build your brand on the hyper grid. Combined with our extensive backup system, ensuring your creations are always safe.

Fire And Ice Backup System

Every other day your region will be saved as an. The OAR gets stored in two different datacentres (separate from the main servers). The main asset server(robust) and simulator data is also saved every other day (alternate days to the oars). Each of our backups is then backed up again to another server. They result in us having three copies of all data stored in 3 different places. Additionally, we take monthly copies, of the regular backups.    Like the others, these are stored on a different server in a different data centre.

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