New High-Performance Regions (SIMS)

New High-Performance Regions (SIMS) now available in the Fire And Ice Grid. Fast regions from £8 per month and standard regions from £2. – Buy Your Region

High-Performance Regions (SIMS) - Fire And Ice Opensim Grid
High-Performance Regions (SIMS) – Fire And Ice Opensim Grid

Fire And Ice Opensim Grid Launch Performance Regions

The Fire and Ice Opensim grid are pleased to announce the launch of our new range of regions focused on performance. Since Fire And Ice opened just over a year ago we have been among the very cheapest in Opensim. This is not about to change, our standard regions will remain at their very low prices.

Firstly, we have moved our login and asset services to a new, considerably more powerful server. Secondly, we have a new region server focused on delivering performance for even the most demanding opensimulator users. They are suitable for role play, racing, performing arts and especially busy regions.

Performance regions run on dedicated servers which means Fire And Ice has full control over the workload the server had. We run all our servers at a maximum of 50% capacity. Comparatively our standard regions are hosted on virtual machines. They still run with a low load to maximise their performance. However, the nature of virtual machines means performance can be influenced by factors beyond the control of the Fire And Ice Grid. Buy Your Region

Prices And Performance to meet all requirements.

With our new servers and new range Fire And Ice continue offering the most affordable prices on the Hypergrid. Now we also provide among the best performing regions on the Hypergrid. – Buy Your Region

No Extra Charge for Var Regions – New High-Performance Regions (SIMS)

As always, Fire And Ice do not charge for landmass. A standard region 1*1 (256m * 256m) is the same price as any size var region up to 8*8 (2048m * 2048m). The price is based on the primitive allowance chosen, and the type of server the region is on.

Technical Information – New High-Performance Regions (SIMS)

Robust (Login and Asset services)

Performance Region Servers – New High-Performance Regions (SIMS)

Standard Region Servers

We backup everything multiple times, to multiple places

Since the very start, the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid has adopted a very secure multi-layer approach to our backups. Full details availible on Grid backups and oar files

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  1. Hi admindiamond, my name is Hakim. You seem very knowledgeable about OpenSim and virtual worlds. I would like to implement Snoopy’s money module on my grid again.

    I had it on my grid years ago when it was on Linux servers. My grid is now on a windows server.

    Can you help me?

    I will also be most likely hiring your services and expertise for some projects I’m working on my grid as well.

    Thanks! 😃

    1. hi there,

      i am not familiar with that particular money module but I can certainly try, feel free to send me details of where to find it.

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