Firestorm Animation Override Tutorial

Firestorm Viewer Animation Over Ride
Firestorm Viewer Animation Over Ride

Introduction – Firestorm Animation Override Tutorial

Firestorm Animation Override Tutorial is for Fire And Ice Opensim Grid residents. However, it is equally suitable for all users of Firestorm on other Opensimulator grids or Second Life.

Why the viewer version is better

There are two key reasons to use the animation override in the viewer rather than scripted attachments. Firstly it does not consume server-side resources like the attachment override does. This means there is less chance of you and others suffering from serer side lag. Secondly, when visiting a region that has scripts disabled an attachment version will stop working. Finally, the viewer’s Animation Override will keep working as it does not rely on server-side scripting.

Assumptions Before Starting

There are two ways of buying Animation Overrides. They either come as a collection of animation files or they come as a single scripted attachment with all the animation files inside. This tutorial assumes that either you already have the animation files in your inventory or that you know how to move them from an object into your inventory. If you don’t subscribe to the Fire And Ice YouTube channel or this blog as another tutorial detailing using prims and their contents are coming soon.

Getting Started – Open The Animation Override

Firestorm Animation Override Tutorial
Firestorm Animation Override Tutorial – Click The A/O Button

This will open the Animation Override window shown above. If this button is not visible. It will be in the Toolbar Buttons window. Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons describes how to find and use this window.

Animation Sets

Animation sets group animations together. For example, one set for a male avatar, another for a female avatar. Sets selected using the dropdown menu. There is also a “Default” check box just under the drop down to make the currently selected set the viewer default. To create a new set, click the “+” button just under the set drop-down menu.

Adding Animations – Firestorm Animation Override Tutorial

Firstly, select an animation set to use, then add some animations to it. Open the inventory and navigate to the animations. Keep this open side by side with the Animation Override window.

Inventory Drag Drop - Firestorm AO
Inventory Drag Drop – Firestorm AO

Choose An Animation Type

Firstly, select the animation type using the drop-down menu indicated above. Secondly, drag and drop the animation for that type from the inventory onto the animation override window.

Animation Added To the AO
Animation Added To the AO

Finally, Repeat the procedure for each animation type you wish to add animations for.

Turn the Animation Override On And Off

This does vary from one viewer skin to another, however, there is usually a little tick box embedded into the AO button clicked at the top of the tutorial. Checking this turns the animation override on. Alternatively un-checking it will turn the AO off.

Video Tutorial – Firestorm Animation Override Tutorial

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