Website Partnership Available at Fire And Ice

Website Partnership Available at Fire And Ice!

Features – Website Partnership Available at Fire And Ice

We now have the whole partnership facility available on the Fire And Ice Website. Propose to someone, accept a proposal made to you, or decline it. The entire process is now on the website and done securely. There are abuse and privacy measures in place explained below.

Privacy Measures

When an avatar proposes, the one in receipt can accept, decline silently, and notify. If the recipient agrees with the proposal offer, there is an email response.

Alternatively, “Decline and notify” declines and sends an email to the proposer informing them of the decision. Additionally, this choice will show the declined proposal under a rejected section in both the proposer’s and recipients’ accounts.

Differently, choosing to decline silently will not send a notification to the proposer. Instead, this will show as waiting for a response on the proposer’s account. Differently on the recipient account, this will show as a declined proposal.

Abuse Precautions – Website Partnership Available at Fire And Ice

After declining or ignoring a proposal, the same avatar can’t send another proposal unless specifically allowed by the recipient. When the proposal is first sent, it has a waiting status. The recipient then chooses to accept, decline silently or decline and notify the proposer. None of these statuses allows the proposer to send another request. If, however, the recipient wishes to allow further proposals, they can set the status to declined but allow new.

In Pictures

Proposal Stage

Response Stage – Website Partnership Available at Fire And Ice

Proposal Accepted

Proposal Accepted

When a proposal is accepted, both the proposers and the recipient get an update in the same way. In addition, the current partner status changes and warnings about proposing to multiple people are displayed.

Additionally, the inworld profiles of both avatars reflect these changes, and an option to dissolve the partnership becomes available.

Finally, an email is sent to both parties.

Proposal Declined Silently – Proposer

Proposal Declined Silently

When a proposal is declined silently, the proposer is not notified of the decision in any way. No email is sent, and the proposal still shows as waiting on their account page.

There is the additional option of withdrawing the proposal. The other party will not be directly informed. However, if they silently declined on their page, it will show as withdrawn. This is to allow the recipient the chance to allow future proposals if they wish to.

Proposal Declined Silently – Recipient – Website Partnership Available at Fire And Ice

Proposal Declined Silently Recipient

When a recipient of a proposal declines it silently, they see this reflected in their account page. Currently, the proposer will not be able to send another proposal to the same avatar.

However, there is an additional button present so that the recipient can allow new proposals if they wish to do so.

Proposal Declined Notify

Dissolved Partnerships – Website Partnership Available at Fire And Ice

Dissolved partnerships show the same way of the accounts for both avatars. Additionally, when a partnership is dissolved, both parties are notified by email.

Additional Helpful Controls And Warnings

The inworld avatar profiles only allow for an avatar to have a single partner. Consequently, the Fire And Ice web app has the same limitation. It is possible to propose to someone while still partnered with another. However, they accept it, any existing partnership will dissolve automatically. If an avatar makes more than one proposal and multiple accept, each one after the first will dissolve the previous. The website displays clear warnings in this circumstance.

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