Fire & Ice Land Prices – Affordable Prices.

Fire & Ice Land Prices are based purely on the allocation of prims required. As a result, a standard sim (256m*256m) with the same primitive allowance costs the same as 2*2(512*512), 3*3(768*768), 4*4(1024*1024) or even 8*8 (2048*2048). With prices starting at just £2 per month, our prices are low and will stay low. We believe in making opensimulator affordable for as many people as possible.

  • 2k (2’000) prims = £2.00
  • 5k (5’000) prims = £3.00
  • 10k (10’000) prims = £3.50
  • 20k (20’000) prims = £4.50
  • 30k (30’000) prims = £5.50
  • 35k (35’000) prims = £6.00
  • 40k (40’000) prims = £6.50
  • 45k (45’000) prims = £7.00
  • 95k (95’000) prims = £14.00
  • 150k (150’000) prims = £21.00

Higher Allowances and larger regions – Fire & Ice Land Prices

If you need more primitives than the options listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements. Similarly, larger region sizes are available, just contact us in advance of your order to arrange this.

Ordering And Paying – Fire & Ice Land Prices

To purchase a land subscription, please visit the Buy Land page of our main website. All region (sim) orders are PayPal subscriptions. The minimum term is a single month. So if a subscription is cancelled partway through a month. The land will remain available for one calendar month after the last payment.

Ownership Benefits

All landowners are estate owners. As a result, landowners get full control of their regions. Subsequently, every option in the estate tools is available. The only restriction is OSSL functions which allow control of the console. When you first join Fire And Ice will happily upload a region backup (OAR) or an inventory backup (IAR) for you. We have an extensive Grid backup system. The regions you create at Fire And Ice are safe. Additionally, sim owners get access to the god tools in their own regions. Finally, your region will never be offline for long. As a result of our recovery system, any region which stops working will be automatically restarted.

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