Opensim version upgrade completed.

The Fire And Ice Grid are pleased to announce we have completed our opensim version upgrade. The opensim version upgrade to 0.911 forms part of our ongoing commitment to keep up with opensimulator developments.

As with all our opensim version upgrades, a full backup (independent of our regular daily backups) was taken. Should any unidentified issues arise we are in a position to execute a full retore to before the upgrade.

In addition to the upgrade, extra testing regions have been added. Testing regions are now available using opensim 0.8*, 0.90. 0.901, 0.910, 0.911, and 0.92(unstable).

Upgrading was completed quickly, taking less than 30 mins in total. Logins were only closed for 5 mins while the robust server was updated. Any issues found should be reported using the contact form on the website.

We look forward to seeing you in the improved Fire And Ice Grid. Don’t forget to join the forum for help and support as well as grid notices. If you prefer to leave inworld messages they can be left with Admin Diamond. The contact form will always be the quickest method to get a response.

Please consider taking part in Bakes On Mesh testing. A BOM version of Firestorm is available for Fire And Ice Grid residents who wish to help with testing. Our admin team has been using this for two weeks now without finding any issues. Singularity and CoolVL both have versions of their viewers using bakes on mesh.

Finally, we appeal to other grids to update their opensimulator versions. Firestorm is by far the most commonly used viewer. Currently, the official release of Firestorm for opensimulator does not include BOM or other updates such as estate tools. Viewers need to keep up with SecondLife, opensim has been updated to be compatible, but many grids have not updated. This situation is harming the opensim community.

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