Everything is working as expected

We have been running tests for a number of days now. Using avatars from other grids to come in make content, join groups, make friends. Of course, we have been doing this the other way round as well.

As part of setting up the grid, we have moved some experiences such as the Norse Adventure and Lovers Paradise to the grid. These make extensive use of many different features of OpenSim and are all working perfectly.

The website site is now complete enough to work fully. Of course, there is more that will be added there over time. Paypal payments for land are established and working. It is our intention to also allow land to be bought using Globits. As soon as Globit enable selling of Globits that will happen.

In the welcome area, we have added the Ruth and Roth open-source avatars as well as a selection of clothes and shoes for the Ruth avatar. There are also teleport boards to some of the experiences available on the grid.

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