Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons
Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons


Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons for a better experience when using the Firestorm Viewer. Firestorm is, without any doubt, the most popular viewer with Fire And Ice Grid residents. Indeed this is a truth of Opensimulator users generally. Firestorm is also extremely popular in Second Life, and I suspect the most popular viewer on their platform as well.

This tutorial is made to help Fire And Ice residents, however, it applies equally to users of Firestorm on any grid. The biggest issue the viewer has is how complicated and daunting it can seem to new users. Even established users frequently find features they were not previously aware of.

Firestorm Viewer – First View

Default Firestorm
Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons – Default Firestorm

Everything in the image above is the default view of Firestorm after it is first installed with one exception. In the top left, there is a row of Landmarks. These are there due to the contents of my inventory. For the purpose of the tutorial, they can be ignored. The rest of this tutorial focuses on the buttons indicated in green at the bottom.

Start Customising

Adding Labels

Firstly, right-click on any of the buttons at the bottom of the viewer. Secondly, select the option by left-clicking. Usefully for new users, the viewer offers an “Icons And Labels” option.

Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons - Buttons Right Click Menu
Customise Firestorm Viewer Buttons – Buttons Right Click Menu
Icons And Labels on buttons
Icons And Labels on buttons

Adding Or Removing Buttons – Customise Firestorm

Right click on any of the buttons again, this time choose “Toolbar buttons” on the menu. This will open a large choice of extra buttons.

Firestorm Toolbar Buttons
Firestorm Toolbar Buttons

All the buttons can sit in any of the three, button bars in the viewer. These are visible in the image below. Left-click and hold, then drag any of the buttons to move it into place. Finally, release the mouse button.

Firestorm Viewer - Left and Right menu bars
Firestorm Viewer – Left and Right menu bars

Video Tutorial – Customise Firestorm Buttons

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