Valentines Formal Dance & Fair

Valentines Formal Dance & Fair at 2 pm Grid time on the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid. The event is in our new events region. The ballroom is the centrepiece for the party but the whole place is full of fairground rides. Why not add a mask in the style of a masquerade ball. You do not have to wear a mask…but why wouldn’t you?

Live Entertainment – Valentines Formal Dance & Fair

Siren Song - Fire and Ice DJ
Siren Song – Fire and Ice DJ

From 2 pm grid time, our very own cupid DJ Siren Song will be spinning the tunes. She is doing a mix of songs to fit the love of Valentines and the Fairground date setting. Siren’s sets have been very well received every time she has taken to the airwaves. She will be sure to entertain your earbuds this time too.

The Ball Room

Dust off those dancing shoes, find a mask and then find your way to our ball room. There are couples and singles dances as well as live entertainment on offer. The dance begins at 2 pm grid time and lasts for at least two hours.

The Fair – Valentines Formal Dance & Fair

The ballroom alone is amazing. Additionally, the fair surrounds the ballroom on almost all sides. Take a stroll with your significant other. Next, try the rides, when you’re ready to dance join us in the ballroom. Then when you tire of the thrills of the fair you can come to the ballroom and dance the night away.

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The Valentines event sim is built by the amazing Wicked Way

Photos From this event are available on the Fire And Ice Flicker Group.

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