Garden And Furniture Ubode Update

Garden And Furniture Ubode Update! – Garden And Furniture is a trendy region at the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid. It features all of these amazing garden sets that are available in rez boxes. Additionally, they are fully updated for regions that use Ubode physics. But, of course, they still work perfectly in places that use Bullet Physics.

Each of the gardens in the pictures is available for free. They are all packed into rez boxes so they can be moved around as a set. Additionally, all of them are now set up for Ubode physics. Of course, they still work perfectly in Bullet Sim regions.

Garden And Furniture Ubode Update – All the sets

Come and visit this amazing region; it is one of our most popular locations with shoppers.

Covey Rez Pro System

All the garden sets are in rez boxes that use the Covey Rez Pro System. Firstly the rez pro is a full holodeck system, it can also be a simple rez box. In order to use it as a standard rez box, select relative positioning from the menu. Additionally, full tutorials for the rez box system are available on the Fire and Ice Youtube channel in the Covey Rez Pro system playlist. Finally, because Covey is a Fire And Ice Grid brand, you can expect the same high level of support the Fire And Ice Grid always offer.

Getting Here

Accessing the region is easy. Either use one of the URLs below in the viewer or teleport the welcome region of the grid, then use one of our grid teleport boards situated right next to the landing point.

  • Map Teleport: And Furniture
  • V3HG Teleport: secondlife://http|!!|8002+Garden+And+Furniture
  • HG secondlife://
  • Hop Teleport: hop://
  • Local Grid Teleport: secondlife://Garden%20And%20Furniture/128/128/20

Additional New Things At Fire And Ice

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