Teleport Demonstration Videos Added.

Two new videos have been added to the Fire And Ice grids YouTube channel.

Teleporting Around The Fire And Ice Grid – Demonstrates how to navigate around the Fire And Ice grid using teleports. The areas covered are using the inworld teleport boards, landmarks, the world map and URLs. The video then goes on to demonstrate how to teleport within a given region by using the Firestorm double click to teleport options.

Hypegrid Teleporting Covers teleporting from the Fire And Ice grid to another hyper grid-enabled OpenSim grid. The three main methods used are covered. Using landmarks, the world map and the V3HG teleport links.

These videos are the start of many short tutorials the fire and ice grid will be adding overtime to help those either new to virtual worlds entirely or those just not familiar with OpenSimulator. Both videos are made using the Firestorm Viewer.

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