Firestorm BOM viewer.

Firestorm with Bakes On Mesh (BOM) is now available to Fire and Ice Grid residents wanting to help with testing. This is a version compiled by the grid, not an official Firestorm release.

I have been using these viewers myself for just over a month now with no issues at all. The benefits are great.

OS 0.910 brought a host of benefits, as well as changes to allow viewers to more easily maintain compatibility with Second Life and OS. The take up has been comparatively slow, however. This was shown when the first Firestorm with BOM started crashing OS regions. These regions were running older code instead of updating to OS 0.910.

BOM will bring great performance benefits to OS. Most notably because wearing underwear below mesh will no longer require an extra mesh layer to be worn. Thus it will greatly reduce the load on graphics cards for those around you.

We will be doing another post soon regarding some of the other bug fixes. Now a plea to other grid owners… UPDATE. Firestorm is the most popular viewer by a long way. It is by far the most well documented. Not having an up to date version of that viewer hurts OS.

Anyone wanting to help with testing can join the grid and ask for a link to the viewers using the web page Contact Us. Or you can self compile and just hyper grid in. Currently, there are Windows and Linux versions available.

Issue reporting on the Firestorm Jira . Fire And Ice grid residents are encouraged to download and use the viewer on our grid even if not using BOM. The copy-paste folders issue is fixed. As is dragging previously scripted items around without editing and many many more. If you come across issues just post them on the Jira, or if you prefer to put it on our forum and I will report them to the Firestorm team. Based on my experience over the last month this viewer is far better than using the older official Firestorm release for OpenSim.

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