Bakes On Mesh – Testing

The Fire and Ice grid is actively participating in bakes on mesh testing. Currently, a few viewers support bakes on a mesh. There have been issues with BOM (bakes on mesh) viewers when on older versions of OpenSimulator.

To help our own testing (and anyone else who wishes to use it) we have set 4 clusters of testing sims. Each cluster has 4 regions, each of which is on a different version of OpenSimulator. To reach them either make a local account at Fire And Ice Grid Sign Up or hyper grid in.

Hop TP, V2Hg TP, HG Tp or you can map tp using the URI:

Once on the fire and ice grid, open up the map and put “Testing” into the search box. You will be presented with a list of 16 sims all of which end in two numbers. The first number relates to the size of the region. The second number relates to the version of OpenSimulator that region is running on.

The following viewers support bakes on mesh, .. Singularity Nightly, Cool VL, DayTurn (windows only). Firestorm can if you can compile the viewer yourself. Fire And Ice grid residents can request a self-compiled version of Firestorm for use on our grid only. The Fire And Ice grid other than some of the testing regions runs on OpenSimulator 0.910 so is safe to use with the latest Firestorm.

The idea behind these sims is it allows you to have multiple avatars in multiple version of OpenSim who can all see each other at any one time. By having 4 clusters it should be possible to see if tp’s/region crossings cause different issues.

Any issues found should be reported on the OpenSim mantis, or the error reporting page for the viewer you are using depending on whether you found an OpenSimulator issue or a viewer issue. Firestorm BOM in OpenSim Jira, Singularity Issue Tracker, DayTurn Forum, Cool VL Bug Reports

Hopefully, this will help smooth out the issues with getting everyone able to use Bakes On Mesh.

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