Abstract Art Photo Contest – Win free sim rental

Abstract Art Photo Contest - Fire And Ice Opensim Grid
Abstract Art Photo Contest – Fire And Ice Opensim Grid

Abstract Art photo contest at the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid. The winner will receive three months of free sim rental. This competition is open to everyone and runs from the 1st September to the 30th September 2020 inclusive.

Diamond Reflections Relaunched as our new welcome region, right at the heart of the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid. There is a new gallery, just waiting for beautiful your beautiful artwork.

Getting To The Grid and Welcome Sim

Instructions For Fire And Ice Grid Residents

Put “Welcome” into the map search and then click teleport.

Hypergrid Visitors

Hypergrid visitors use which ever of the following you prefer.

  • Map TP: search for : http://fireandicegrid.net:8002
  • V3 HG TP: secondlife://http|!!fireandicegrid.net|8002+Welcome+-+Fire+And+Ice+Grid

Find the gallery – Abstract Art Photo Contest

When arriving at the welcome region, you can get to the gallery by either clicking on the contest poster and selecting teleport or better still, explore until you find it. The sim is beautiful and contains many works of art. The gallery is embedded into the hillside and looks out over the ocean towards the Ruins.

Entering The Abstract Art Photo Contest

Inside the gallery you will find many picture frames.

  1. Click on a picture frame, in local chat it will ask you to drag and drop your picture.
  2. Open your picture
  3. Hold down the CTRL while dragging and dropping the picture (it will be outlined in red while doing this).
  4. Your picture will then be displayed on the frame.
  5. You will then get a confirmation in chat and a note-card with the details of your entry as a receipt.

Details of the Prize – Abstract Art Photo Contest.

New customers will receive a refund on each of their first three rental payments. There is no obligation to continue after the three months has elapsed. Existing customers of the Fire And Ice grid will get a refund of three months rental. If existing customers have been with the Fire And Ice Grid for less than three months, their repayments will be a blended between the new and current customers method.

Abstract Art Photo Contest – Winner Selection

At the end of the contest, we will be asking someone who has not entered the competition to choose a winner for us. The only people who will be able to see who has entered are Sara and Leisha Diamond. The only other way anyone will know who’s work is who before we announce a winner is if the contestant tells people. For this reason, will not reveal who the judge is until after the competition. When a winner is chosen, we will contact all entrants to advise them who won.

More Information About the Fire And Ice Grid

Sims at the Fire And Ice grid start at just £2 per month for 2k prims rising to £21 for 150k prims. Regions can be any size, only pay for the prims. There is a contact us form for enquiries on the Fire And Ice Grid Website.

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