Diamond Reflections Relaunch

Diamond Reflections – The Heat Of Fire And Ice

Diamond Reflections Relaunch – Now part of welcome

The Diamond Reflections relaunch brings this region to the heart of the Fire And Ice Grid. It has been crafted over a long period of time for everyone to enjoy. This is where future grid meetings and events will be held. All Fire And Ice residents can set home here and enjoy the experience.


Diamond Reflections Piazza - Fire And Ice Opensim Grid
Piazza at Diamond Reflections

The piazza is the main landing point, it is also where we will be holding grid events, social gatherings and meetings in the future. Additionally, There are poles with fire diamonds on them scattered around the piazza and the rest of the sim. Use these poles to dance either solo or with a partner.

Wonderland – Diamond Reflections Relaunch

Wonderland area of Diamond Reflections

Come and feel the magic of wonderland. Here you can play wizards chess or a variety of other games. Take a look at some of the stunning artwork inside the castle. See if you can navigate your way through the maze or just relax in a beautiful cave.

Witch Cave

Witch Cave - Diamond Reflections relaunch at the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid

The first challenge here is actually getting in! There is a clue on the door, those of you familiar with the works of Tolkien have a head start over everyone else. When you work out the answer type it into local chat. If the answer is correct you will be drawn inside. Let your magical fantasies run wild.

Magic Corner

Hidden Groves at Diamond Reflections - Fire And Ice Opensim Grid
Magic Corner

Best viewed at night, this area has gateways to many other areas of the sim as well as stand for story telling in an area which looks like it is strait out of a fairy tale. The surrounding ruins are equally as stunning.

Hidden Groves – Diamond Reflections Relaunch

Hidden Grove

This grove is one of many hidden gems at Diamond Reflections. It is an ideal spot to spend time chatting with friends or cuddling up with a lover. Both beautiful and relaxing, you are sure to leave this area feeling at peace with the world.

Winter Garden

Winter Garden - Diamond Reflections Relaunch - Fire And Ice Grid
Winter Garden

Connected to and yet still an integral part of the main house is the winter garden. This garden features the beauty of all-year-round shelter. Additionally, this one has an entrance from the inside and outside of the house. Thus it gives the effect of staying warm in winter. Just outside the winter garden are boats to explore the sim via the water.

EEP Features

The Diamond reflections region features the cave demonstrated in EEP Upgrade (Opensim 0.92) – Fire And Ice Grid. Subsequently, it is best viewed using an EEP enabled viewer.

Further Information

Further information about this region and others is available on the Places To Visit the page of the Fire And Ice Grid Wiki. This region is our new welcome region. It is also where the Abstract Art Photo Contest – Win free sim rental is being held.

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