Fire and Ice suffered a data loss event on the 19th December 2021, just after 03:00 GMT. Since the server had been penetrated, we decided not to risk a quick restore. Instead, we wiped the entire server and restored it from our backups. This process is partially complete with the server configured and web services online. The grid is online, and logins are enabled, but only half the assets have been restored, the rest will finish over the next 3 days.

We are very sorry for the prolonged restoration rate. We have already taken out a VPS to act as the primary backup in future. That backup is updated during the restore process every 12h to avoid more delays. Disaster recovery is exactly that, but even in a disaster, the future of Fire And Iced will be faster than this.

Please do not pick up or delete items from regions, or inventories before the asset restore is complete. We have opened logins to allow friends to wish each other well over the festive period. Welcome home all, and merry christmas.



Written by admindiamond

The proprietor of the Fire And Ice Grid Coder in LSL/OSSK and C#, Mesh Creator, general geek. I have been a user of virtual worlds since 2004, I am also a student of computer science.