diamond reflections region on the first and ice grid, image and link to the main website
Diamond Reflections region on the Fire And Ice Opensim Grid

The Diamond Reflections region is the vision and creation of two lovers.  Every aspect is us building our dream and life together. Full of romantic areas, this sim is something special. If you don’t like reading there is a video at the bottom.

The sim as you see it today is the cumulation of nine years work. Everywhere you look, there is something to behold. The region is a public copy of our private home. Like most lovers, we value our privacy but felt the place is simply too lovely not to share. There are three main areas; the main island, the outlying island and Jurassic.  The whole region covers the same space as nine standard-sized regions.

The Jungle Region

This is where you first land when you enter Diamond Reflections region. Starting in the jungle region, take your time looking around. Many items like the gazebos contain animations for couples to dance or cuddle. A significant number are placed precisely to be able to get beautiful photographs. Others are set for their romantic feeling; or as group hangouts.

Intermeshed with the jungle are fantasy elements. Dragons, unicorns, cybermen and many more can be found around the area. One of the gazebos with couples’ animations looks out over the wreck of a ship. In the distance from the same place, you will be able to get a glimpse of dinosaurs on one of the outlying islands.

Keeping to the left-hand paths, you will find a hobbit hole, complete with dining area, bedroom and bathroom. Anyone may use these facilities, just remember it’s a public area. Anything most people would consider private should be kept to private messaging, please.

The Hill And Beach

Moving past Hobbiton, again staying to the left path, you will go around the back and over the hill. From here take a moment to visit the woods in the middle. As you arrive, stroll, set your daylight to midnight for the best effect. 

Next head down the hill, you will find your self on a beach with stunning views and a beautiful grotto. Many items are set up for couples sharing special moments. Following the beach, you will come to the house. The house is open, and anyone is free to use it, just remember it is a public area.

Much More To Explore

When you have finished looking around the house, why not head along the coastline, you will soon find a beautiful area with a Japanese feeling. If you’re lucky, you might even find the worlds favourite doctor in this area too. Just a little further on,  if you look carefully, you will find the library inside a cave. Next to the cave is a gallery. At present, this is empty; it used to contain all our photographs, now it is waiting for artistic suggestions.

There is a lot more you can explore in this beautiful region. I didn’t send you to the hidden lake, that is yours to find. Then why not take to the skies or one of the boats, visit the dinosaurs or find a secluded island and spend some quality time with someone special. 

A short video showcasing the diamond reflections region on the fire and ice grid.

Written by admindiamond

The proprietor of the Fire And Ice Grid Coder in LSL/OSSK and C#, Mesh Creator, general geek. I have been a user of virtual worlds since 2004, I am also a student of computer science.

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