Custom Map Images Now available

Region owners can now customise the map image sim on the world map. Custom map images have been available in Opensimulator for a long time but are less frequently used than auto-generated images.

Custom map tiles allow you to make much more professional, and easily recognisable images on the world map. Help others find you easily by taking advantage of the free option.

To make your custom map images, use any graphics package such as Photoshop or Gimp. The size of the image required will depend on the size of your region. If you have a 256m sim then you need a 256*256 pixels image. Likewise, if your region is 1024m you need an image of 1024*1024 pixels.

Once you have made your image, upload it into the grid-like any other image and then make a note of the images UUID. Send the UUID to us using the contact us form and we will ensure it is displayed on the map in the same place your sim resides.

image showing custom map tiles on the world map
Custom Map Tiles On The World Map

To obtain the UUID of any texture in your inventory simply right click over the texture in your inventory and then select “Copy Asset UUID”. This will put it onto your clipboard. From there paste it into the message you send to us using the contact form.

Unfortunately, there is no way to mix and match between auto-generated map tiles and the static customisable map tiles. Enabling this service will take about 24h from the point you request it. The service is free unless you continuously request moving back and forth between the two methods.

Anyone with any questions can use the support button on the main website or contact Admin Diamond inworld. There will be a tutorial coming in the near future detailing the exact steps required to obtain a texture UUID as well as using Gimp and Photoshop to resize your images.

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3 thoughts on “Custom Map Images Now available

  1. Hello here is the UUID of the 768×768 texture for the custom map tiling or region HERMES

    **UUID Removed from public view**

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello Sara. Please fin here the UUID’s of the 768×768 textures fot the custom map tiling of regions:
    – on the left, Sea of Beaulieu **UUID Removed**
    – on the right, Sea of Hermes **UUID Removed**
    Each texture is an half of a single image and complies to the Fire and Ice theme of the grid.

    Kind regards

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